Buying a Baby Playpen: Look for These Features

Look for These Features when buying a Baby Playpen


Buying a Baby Playpen

Playpen sides at least 50cm high, to prevent your child from climbing out or falling Recommend Playpen 60cm high

⦁ Strongly built, stable and resistant to lifting or tipping.

⦁ Certification to a standard: while there’s no Australian standard, some playpens are certified against the European standard EN 12227 or the American standard ASTM F1004.


Australian Standards for Playpens

Buying a Baby Playpen

Some parents would end up in the Loony Bin if they were not able to place their crawling child in a place of safety like a baby playpen. A parent needs to have eyes in the back of their head and be 100% alert to baby danger at all times.

The answer for many is to purchase a baby-playpen however, in Australia there is currently no mandatory or voluntary standard for baby playpens so what do you need to know?


The Number 1 Mistake Parents Make

Buying a Baby Playpen

Since I began selling playpens about 10 years ago the most common message I get is How Fast can I get It. Parents suddenly wake up one day and their gorgeous cute child has become highly mobile mischief. This requires constant watching every second of every minute. Without a playpen, you need eyes in the back of your head.

The stress caused to new parents who don’t have a playpen to safely secure their baby is enormous. Parents should plan ahead and order their baby playpen well ahead of the time they are likely to need it. Check Out all the various types of playpen available on the market and have it in the garage ready for when you need it. Playpens give parents ease of mind to go about their daily chores.


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