Interactive Playpens Stimulate Your Child

Interactive Playpen


We have all heard the naysayers suggest that playpens are not a babysitter and that it can be damaging for a child to spend a lot of time in one. We also know how busy a Mum or Dad can get while doing choirs, and the opportunity to let baby play in the safety of the playpen can be a godsend. Let`s talk about Interactive playpens.

Interactive playpens which include built-in interactive and visual panels encourages essential brain development.

These playpens are suitable for children ranging from six months old to three years. Great to keep bub safe, while popping to the toilet, cooking, answering the phone.  With a child-safe gate for entry and exit, there is no need to try and hurdle the pen.

Interactive playpens have visual and touch panels which assist with providing your child with a multi-sensory experience. Multi-sensory learning involves two or more senses within the same activity.  Providing opportunities for your child to use their senses such as touch, smell, taste, sight, or hearing. It helps to build nerve connections in the brain pathways.

Any wonder that these interactive playpens are also known as play yards, with the investment in one lasting you for over two years’ worth of play for your little one.


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