Playpens you can purchase

Playpens you can purchase




Gone are the days when the only playpens you can purchase were made of wooden dowel. Looking somewhat like a mini jail with the hope that the surroundings outside of the enclosure would entertain your child.


The selection available now gives parents an incredible choice these days and come in several shapes, sizes and made with varied materials.


Some are modular, so extra pieces can be added to expand the area. Some can be used more so for screening off sections of a room to either keep your child in one area or to keep them out of a trouble area.


Interactive Playpens are bright, colourful and entertaining. Modular sections can make them grow with your child, or to adapt the size to suit the room.


They come with interactive gears, clock pointers, lift phones, interactive dial panels, and colourful shape sorters. Some include an interactive sound matching book that interacts with the playpen. Others include spinning balls, picture house, spinners, shapes. And a steering wheel that produces exciting sound and light effects.


Interactive Playpens


All interactive playpens offer at least one unique play panel providing engagement and fun for your child to enjoy. Add on packages allow you to add further panels as your baby grows and increasing the interaction available to them.


Assembly is straightforward, and usually without the aid of tools. The way the panels join makes it impossible for your child to disconnect by pushing outwards. Taking away or adding panels allows you to adjust to different shapes. Whether it is an octagon, rectangle or square.


When your baby starts moving, they need a safe place to play. Using an interactive playpen offers a stimulating area so you can take your eyes off them for short periods. Now you have a wide range of playpens you can purchase.


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