Purchase a Baby Playpen on eBay

I started selling a baby playpen on eBay about 10 years ago. On line, selling was not yet in full swing as it is today.  The systems of delivery were nothing like they are today. Given a playpen is a fairly large and bulky item the big issue of the day was how to get it to the customer.

To solve the problem of posting a large playpen

I found a company in Sydney called “Jollykidz” and they made a KD ( Knock Down) version of a playpen. This came in a small carton and all the pieces were loose. It was not difficult for the customer to assemble the playpen when it arrived. Good instructions were included in the carton as was any relevant tools needed to assemble the playpen.  The carton was 110cm x 20cm x 20cm and was readily accepted by Australia Post for delivery all over Australia.

The eBay Market place for playpens

In the early days, there was little competition selling baby playpens on eBay. A search would bring up only 3 or 4 pages of playpens with as was in those days only 10 results per page. It was relatively easy to dominate the results and have my listings come in top of page 1 on eBay search results. Consequently, I sold huge quantities of baby playpens on eBay.

eBay selling can be very competitive.

10 years ago eBay showed about 30 to 40 results when searching for a baby playpen. Today the same search brings up 1075 listings. As I became successful eBay gave new sellers tools so they could discover what was selling. They openly encouraged new sellers to copy and undercut any seller who was doing well. Today with 1075 listings for playpens the competition is extremely fierce and this means margins are very tight. I made money selling just one item in the early days but today unless you have an exclusive selling right to any product its almost impossible.

The benefit to buyers

There is a great benefit to potential buyers of baby playpens as eBay showing 1075 listings of a multitude of styles and materials as well as great value pricing. You probably won’t do better than to buy your baby playpen on eBay.

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  1. eBay has evolved over the past 15 years and the number of baby playpens listed for sale today is proof of expansion. You could be forgiven for thinking the volume of listings for playpens is counterproductive as its hard to choose.
    In 2019 by far the most popular ( and expensive) is the Interactive baby playpen. No bricks and mortar store would carry the sheer volume of different models of baby playpen due to the high cost of retail space. Ebay is definitely the number one choice for purchasing a playpen to safely contain your crawling baby.


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