Are Wooden Playpens the Best For Your Baby?

Are Wooden Playpens the Best For Your Baby?

Wooden Playpen

Wooden playpens are classic, durable, sturdy, safe and attractive. They have stable sides that can help your baby practise balance when he is just starting to walk. Usually, wood playpens have more floor area than other playpens of a different material. Wood playpens give babies a better view. Most parents prefer wooden playpens because they often blend with the rest of the furniture. Although wooden playpens are foldable, more often they are most likely to stay up for a couple of months or so thus they really need to blend well with the rest of the furniture in the room. Wood playpens provide a safe and fun place for your child. Traditional wooden playpens typically provide your baby with a lot of space to move around and play.

Should you opt for wood playpens you need to choose one with slats that are spaced no more than 2 3/8 inches apart or one similar to cribs. The wooden surfaces of the playpen should be well finished and free of any splinters. Wood playpens should also have teething rails on all sides and should securely adhere so the little fingers of your baby will never get under them. Although wood playpens tend to look awkward and heavy, they are very safer.

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  1. I remember as a child of eleven some 62 years ago my parents had a wooden playpen. My baby sister was born when I was eleven and she was often placed in the playpen. It was a second, third, or multiple hand item. No one could afford new and someone always had a playpen in the shed or spare room. Money was tight and the throwaway era had not yet arrived


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