How to Choose the Best Baby Playpens

How to Choose the Best Baby Playpens


Best Playpen

Playpens are one of the most significant tools your baby needs. It acts as a safe refuge for your baby to crawl around without any restrictions. A playpen allows your baby to exercise his muscles and strengthen his bones while he begins to learn to roll, sit, crawl, stand, and walk. There two types of playpens that are made from wood or mesh. They may differ in design and construction but both serve the same purpose of providing a place for your child to learn, grow, and have fun.

When buying a playpen for your little one, there are many factors you need to consider.

Here are some of the factors to keep in mind:

  1. Safety – The first thing you should look for in a playpen is its safety features. Invest in a sturdy playpen with high-quality parts. Pick one that has locks and hinges that your baby cannot reach.
  2. Padding – Look for playpens with paddings on the rails and on all sides. This will protect your baby in case he bumps into the posts. Make sure that the bottom mattress is at least 1-inch thick.
  3. Size – A standard sized playpen can fit one baby. However, there are some models that are designed to accommodate more than one baby. Some even have double bassinets, changing tables, and add-ons for extra space.
  4. Ease of use – Pick a playpen that is easy to fold and assemble so you can transport it anywhere in your house without any hassle. You may want to consider a playpen with wheels for more convenience.
  5. Features – Some playpens have built-in toys and music to keep your little one preoccupied and entertained.
  6. Price – There are various types of playpens that will fit your budget. You don’t need to spend a fortune on a playpen. There are a lot of brands that manufacture good quality products at an affordable price. Choose a model that you can afford without sacrificing the quality and safety of your baby.

    Select Your Playpen Carefully

    Some baby playpens can pose unacceptable potential safety risks to your baby. Some are relatively minor issues such as sharp edges or protrusions to bump themselves on. To major life-threatening problems such as a gate that the child could easily open. Also climbing footholds and gaps that can trap a head or limb.

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