AAre Wooden Playpens the Best For Your Baby?
Wooden playpens are classic, durable, sturdy, safe and attractive. They have stable sides that can help your baby practice balance when he is just starting to walk. Usually wooden playpens have more floor area than other playpens of different material.  Wooden playpens give babies a better view. Most parents prefer wooden playpens because they often blend with the rest of furniture. Although wooden playpens are foldable, more often they are most likely to stay up for a couple of months or so thus they really need to blend well with the rest of the furniture in the room.  Wooden playpens provide a safe and fun place for your child. Traditional wooden playpens typically provide your baby with a lot of space to move around and play. Should you opt for wooden playpens you need to choose one with slats that are spaced no more than 2 3/8 inches apart or one similar to cribs. The wooden surfaces of the playpen should be well finished and free of any splinters. Wooden playpens should also have teething rails on all sides and should securely adhere so the little fingers of your baby will never get under them. Although wooden playpens tend to look awkward and heavy, they are very safer.
Amazing Facts About Plastic Playpens
Plastic Playpens often come in various shapes, sizes and bright colors. Plastic playpens are easy to clean and are made of durable, thick and non-toxic plastic material. The nice thing about plastic playpens is that they are easy to assemble and dismantle and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.  They do not have any sharp edges and fixings. Plastic playpens often come in bright and vivid colors that are attractive so babies will instantly love to play in them. Most parents prefer plastic playpens because babies will not feel as painful should they accidentally fall and hit any part of the playpen. Another nice thing about plastic playpens is that most of them come with play or activity panels to keep babies occupied. Plastic playpens come with rounded corners and edges for the safety of your babies. Most plastic playpens are made of panels that can be assembled in different shapes as sizes depending on the available space.
Don’t Bust Your Back: Choose a Playpen with a Gate
Playpens allow moms to keep their babies in a secure and safe play while they go about with their daily household chores. Playpens allow babies to have their own secure and safe space for play and keep them entertained while mom is busy working. Playpens also allow babies to practice standing up and walking while holding on to the railings. While playpens benefit both moms and babies, most playpens are too deep that moms need to exert an effort in placing and lifting out her baby, most especially in lifting out her baby.  Now, who wants to bust their backing bending over to lift her baby out of the playpen? Things can even get worst if you are relatively short. Playpens with a gate are the best solution to this problem. Some playpens, mostly those made of plastic materials have hinged swinging doors or gate to give moms easy access to the playpen. With playpens with a gate mom need not bend deep to scoop baby out of the playpen. All she needs to do is just open the gate and get her baby out. Gates on playpens often come with a sturdy latch.
Different Playpens For Different Purposes
A playpen functions to provide you with an enclosed and safe place where you can place your baby while you go about with your daily household chores. When babies start to crawl, which is when he is about 6-7 months old, walk or stand-up it is already time that they need playpens. Some playpens are attractive and some are easy to pack-up. Some playpens can also be travel cots and can be used as room dividers or stair gates. Playpens come in a variety of styles and features. A standard playpen is best if you need a playpen for indoor play space. Standard playpens often come in wood and mesh materials and do not include all those additional toys and baby activities. Playpens without floors can be set-up in the nursery or living room. If you do a lot of traveling and need a bed for your baby, playpens that are smaller than the rest of the type are your best options. These playpens are compact and easily fold up.  Playpens also come in a variety of materials. Playpens can be made of wood, mesh or plastic. In choosing the best playpen for your baby you need to take into consideration how you are going to use the playpen. Are you going to use it indoor or outdoor? How much space do you have for the playpen? What material do you prefer? With these in mind you will be able to choose the best playpen for your baby.
Learning While Playing: Playpens with Toys
One of the best purchases you can make for baby is a playpen. A playpen is a great place for your baby to indulge in safe play. In a playpen your baby stays in a contained and secured area when you need to do something important. With a playpen your baby’s toys can be kept in one play and it makes it easier for you to tidy up. There are playpens that come with their own set of toys. Most of the toys that come with playpens are educational toys. Toys in playpens allow your baby to learn and explore while at play. It has been proven over and over that allowing your baby to learn at an early age is good for her growth and development. Playing with toys that come with playpens also develop your baby’s motor skills. Most of the toys that come with playpens are those that create sounds and music. Almost all of the toys also come in bright and vibrant colors to stimulate your baby to reach out and explore them. Toys in playpens keep your baby entertained while you go about with your chores.
How to Choose Playpens: Essential Things to Remember
A playpen is standard baby equipment. A playpen is a perfect place to keep your baby safe and secured when you need a little time to make or pick up a call, do some cooking or perhaps do some household chore. It is however advised that playpens should be used sparingly and babies should not be kept in playpens for long periods of time. In choosing a playpen you need to take into consideration a couple of important things. First you need to decide on how the playpen is going to be used. Are you going to use it only as a safety zone for your baby in your home or do you intend to take it along when you travel? The size of the area where you are going to place the playpen is also important. It will give you an idea of the size of the playpen you will choose. A playpen that is easy to use is always a good option. If you will be storing the playpen after each use or if you will take it long during travels, you need to choose a playpen that is easy to assemble and pack-up. The material the playpen is made of is actually the most important consideration. Playpens come in wood, plastic and mesh-type materials. Of course playpens need to be safe. Always check out the safety features of the playpen. Lastly, the playpen you choose will always depend on your budget.

What type of wood is best for a Baby Playpen
All wooden playpens are not equal so it is best to check exactly what you are getting for your money.
Most are made in China and as costs for timber and labour rise there has been a general trend towards making the parts thinner to use less wood. The two most popular woods used are Pine and the two that seem to be used mostly are Russian Pine and New Zealand Pine. Of the two New Zealand pine is far preferable to the Russian as it has less knots and imperfections. My favorite is Beech which in my opinion is far superior however it is much more expensive than the Pine. When buying a Baby Playpen it pays to check the measurements and the type of wood being used.
Should I buy my Baby Playpen on the Internet?

The internet can save you a lot of time and shoe leather as you can visit many shops with a few clicks of a mouse. Often web sites specializing in baby playpens will have a much wider range of products than traditional bricks and mortar shops. The Internet is a very safe place if you follow some basic rules. 

1. Check the terms of sale
2. Establish if the seller is in Australia
3. Check feedback on line
4. Read carefully the product description and size
5. Pay by Credit card or Paypal
Yes Pay by Credit Card because you can get the transaction reversed by your bank if something goes wrong.
Spend 1 hour on the Internet and I am sure you will find the Baby Playpen that will suit your needs.
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